Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fussy Baby and Fuzzy Fitteds

Hola Amigos,
I'm not necessarily looking for advice, maybe I just want to vent a little so here it goes. Nathan (who is now 7 weeks old) has been a bit of a terror at night....heck, who am I kidding...he's been pretty fussy non-stop all day. Every time we think we have the solution, it stops working. We've had him diagnosed with acid reflux due to a weak muscle in his esophagus and he's been prescribed medicine. That seemed to help a little, but he's still fussy. We also use Mylicon which helps as well, but still doesn't fix the problem....they just seem to be band-aids.

It always seems to be related to his stomach...gas issues. He'll fuss around for about an hour or two, let out a couple big farts then fill his diaper with more poop than it can handle and he's good for an hour or so. Then we're back at it again!

-- I would like to know how to get the poop stains off of the elastic on our diaper covers....any suggestions??? --

The worst part is, we don't know what's wrong so we really can't help him. We feel bad for him! If you're the praying type, please say a prayer for us (more importantly for him) that we can get past this so he can be a happy baby.

Aside from the above issues, Nathan can be a fun baby! I think I was able to make him smile at just 3 weeks and we've been working on building up to the first laugh....can't wait!!!! Another great thing about him is that when other people are holding him, he's well behaved and in a good mood. Maybe we just need to have people over ALL THE TIME!

I have a confession to make, but I don't think it's completely my fault. I think this whole notion that Dad's are kind of moronic when it comes to babies is sort of true. Last night, for instance, Lindsey was going to a meeting so I took Nathan over to a youth event with me. The LAST thing she told me before she left was to get the milk and bring it with. So she left and then I left. We met up a few hours later at the youth event and Nathan started to get fussy. Lindsey went to look for the milk and to her surprise it wasn't there. When she questioned me, all I could say was....I forgot! How the heck did I forget? It was the last thing she said to me before I left the house? A word of advice to Dads -- DON"T PUT OFF WHAT YOU NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW, CAUSE YOU'RE JUST GOING TO FORGET! Seriously if she tells you to bring milk, turn off the TV get off your can and go to the fridge. Put the bottle in the "to-go" bag and put it in the diaper bag. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE....DON'T PULL A DAN!!!!!

OK, I'm off my soapbox...I hope that I can save just one man from making this mistake! God Speed gentlemen.

Now let's talk about diapers...this is a diapering blog after all!

Lindsey and I have been having some difficulty with the absorbency of prefolds. They are leaking through our covers after one pee, which isn't good cause we thought we'd get a minimum of 2 uses per cover before washing. This sent Lindsey on a mission to find a better diaper to use with the covers. After much research and conversations with friends and fellow CDers, she found that fitted diapers would be a good way to go.

Looking online, she found some in wool and some in fleece and all were very expensive compared to prefolds. So she decided to stop by our local cloth diaper store, Comfy Bummy, to pick one up in fleece to see how it would work. We ended up loving it and here's why:
  • soft material that pulls moisture away from skin
  • full wrap-around coverage
  • can be put in the dryer
  • the elastic around the legs adds another barrier to keep unwanted poo and pee off of clothing.
  • (I just figured out that I can use bullet out!)

Since the price is so expensive for the fitted diapers, Lindsey and I are going to try and make our own using a pattern we found online and some fleece we bought at the local fabric store. Our friend Amanda is the inspiration for this project. Since we really like Velcro, we'll be adding that to the diaper. The only concern at this point is how exactly to sew the elastic into the diaper. The good news is, we can use the million extra flat-folds we have to practice. I hope by the time I put up my next post, I'll be able to show off our handy work!!! Something to look forward to....right? OK, don't answer that!

Have any of you made your own fitted diapers? Where did you get the patterns? Any advice or suggestion for us before we move forward?

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!!!!!

I'll talk to you soon,

Dan the Diapering Dad