Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Have a Confession...

Let's be real for just a minute.  I know that I am all about Cloth Diapers and how they save us money, are good for the environment and baby...I get it, I really do.  The issue that Lindsey and I ran into every time we put Nate down for the night - we not only had to wash his we diaper the next day, but we also had to wash his wet cloths, the crib sheets, his blankets and stuffed animals and we had to wipe down the mattress.  We tried everything....we doubled, we tripled, we aimed his squirt gun up, down, left, right...any which way and nothing worked.

Well....almost nothing...

You see, we did find a solution to the issue.  It is something that I am embarrassed about, but I don't think that we're the only ones out there, or at least I hope we aren't.  We use disposables at night, and haven't had one issue since making that switch over a year ago.  Every morning, the diaper weight about a million pounds and it's all pee pee.

Phew, I feel better now.  I honestly don't think that there is a solution out there for Nate, if there is, I haven't found it or I've already tried it and it doesn't work.  I'd love to get some feedback from the Cloth Diaper community.  Am I alone out there going disposable at night?  That means I'm using less that 400 disposables a year...that's not that bad.

Thanks for listening to me!  More to come, so you'd better stay tuned!

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